Myths About Working In Security

When you are looking at your options for a career change, there are rewarding paths that can be pursued in the field of security services. Sadly, there are misconceptions about working in security that may lead to you away from considering this career path.

Myth: Security Careers Always Have Severe Instability

There is a common assumption that those working in security will have little stability or opportunities for growth. Yet the demand for security services is high, and this can lead to individuals in this field staying extremely busy in terms of assignments. Furthermore, there are many businesses that may hire in-house security professionals, which can be one of the most stable avenues of employment for these professionals.

Myth: Security Professionals Are Always Armed

While there are many instances where it will make sense for the security professionals to be armed, it is not always a requirement. In fact, there are many instances where the client will not want armed security professionals due to the increased risk or liabilities that can come with having firearms in the building. For this reason, there is a strong demand for both armed and unarmed security. If you are wanting to pursue a career in armed security, you will need to obtain the correct firearm licensing to be able to be considered for these positions.

Myth: Anyone Can Become A Security Professional

There is a common assumption that security professionals have extremely low requirements for being hired. However, these individuals will work in demanding environments where they will be expected to constantly exercise good judgment. For this reason, there are often fairly strict requirements to be eligible for these positions. A common example of this will be employers insisting on applicants being able to pass a background check. Furthermore, some security services may have a strong preference for former members of law enforcement or the military. If you lack these qualifications, you may need to opt for low-level security jobs to be able to build your credentials and experience.

Myth: Security Professionals Always Work In Extremely Dangerous Settings

You might assume that security professionals will always work in dangerous environments. However, the work conditions of security professionals are often less eventful than people assume. When a problem does arise, it will usually involve either escorting someone off the premises or contacting the police. Most businesses will have a strict rule for security personnel to contact the police at the first sign of a serious problem.

If you haven't considered security jobs in your area, it's time to give this career path some thought.