3 Ways To Better Manage Your Mobile Security Officers

When you hire mobile security officers, you need to have a plan in mind. Mobile security officers do not just wander around; they go on specific routes and look out for specific behavior in order to protect your business, property, community, or home. In order for your mobile security officers to be effective at their job, they have to be equipped with the right tools from the party they are working for.

#1 Have Defined Routes

Your mobile security guards should not just be wondering around; they should be walking specific routes. Your mobile security guards are not going to know where you want them to walk and patrol until you tell them. At the same time, you don't want the routes of your mobile security officers to become predictable, so you are going to want to come up with numerous variations of each route that you want your mobile security officers to patrol so that their actions and movements do not become predictable.

With defined routes, you can assign specific routes to each mobile security officer on their shift. That way, they don't have to guess or improve; they know where to walk. Giving each mobile security officer assigned routes also helps ensure that the routes are varied; one security officer is not going to know all the routes that the guard before them took, so it is up to you to keep things varied.

#3 Have Established Checkpoints

Second, in addition to having routes for your security officers to walk, you should also have established checkpoints. These are places where the security officer can go to check in with command while out on a route. Checkpoints should also be a place where the guard can go for their own safety, be it from a person, animal, or the weather. You want to set-up physical checkpoints for your officers that keep your building and area safe, and also provide a safe point for your mobile security officers as well.  

#3 Know What to Look For

Although your security officers are going to be trained on how to spot suspicious behavior, you should also provide some direction on

what to look for. This direction can come from a variety of different manners and mechanisms. For example, if you have recently had issues with the back of your store being spray painted, you can ask security officers to watch that area more closely. You can also ask them watch individuals carry paint or backpacks more carefully to make sure that they are not tagging the back of the business. You can use what is happening around your store, business, or community to provide your security guards with more specific information on what to watch out for.

If you want to have effective security officers, you need to have established checkpoints around your property for the officers. You need to have defined and varied routes, with clear objectives as to what the officers should be aware of. Having these things in place will help ensure that your mobile security officers are able to provide you with the high level of service you need. 

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