Why Your City Needs To Employ Security Measures On Marinas

Small cities that have marinas and boat docks should not ignore the need for maritime security. Thieves and vandals are just as likely, if not more so, to attack small boat docks and marinas. As a boat owner that has a regular docking space, you should appeal to your city to install security measures. Tell them that boat docks and marinas need all of the following. Then supply them with these reasons why.

Security Cameras

Boat owners can only do so much to protect their boats. Would-be thieves and boat squatters (i.e., people who get into larger boats for dry, reasonably warm places to sleep and to scrounge for food) can get around locked wharf gates when they want to. Installing security cameras to record the comings and goings of people who should not be getting into boats helps local police arrest trespassers and thieves. Security cameras that work on batteries and Wi-Fi live feeds do not need electrical wiring either, which makes them a safe option around docks and marinas.


Two to four security guards should also be hired to walk each dock/marina. One guard should be on duty between late afternoon to midnight or so, and another one to two guards should be working overnight. All of them should spend their shifts walking the docks, checking wharf gates and boats, and calling owners to verify if they gave anyone permission to be on their boats. When something is suspicious or out of the ordinary, the guard on duty can report it to local police. The presence of security guards would also help deter trespassers and thieves.

Alarm Systems

Silent alarm systems installed on either the boats themselves or on the docks may also help. In the event that anyone with a weapon attempts to steal a boat from the dock/marina, the alarm would sound. Alarms on the dock could be triggered by a security guard when he/she is cornered, at gun point, etc., alerting local authorities that assistance is needed and/or the situation is grave/dangerous. In cases such as these, thieves are either desperate and want to escape by water, they want to steal an expensive boat for a joy ride, or heist for pay.

Why Small Marinas and Docks Need Security

Small marinas and boat docks still house some big, pricey, flashy boats. These boats are the typical targets of theft and trespassing because they are typically comfortable and stocked with something to eat and drink. They are also the ideal thing to steal because it takes time to get a police boat on the water. With maritime security measures in place, fewer of these crimes occur and response time is faster.