3 Ways To Stay Safe As A Mobile Security Guard

If you just started a job as a mobile security guard, remember that you need to make sure that you keep yourself safe as well as the place you are protecting. Protecting yourself will help you protect others. Don't get lulled into the idea that where you work is relatively safe because nothing happens on a regular basis; it is the un-regular days and situations that you need to prepare for.

#1 Make Sure Your Shoes Are Comfortable

Shoes are one of your most important pieces of equipment, so you want to make sure that you have a pair that fits well and stays secure on your feet.

You don't want pain from your shoes to distract from your duty. You want to be focused on providing security, no the pain in your feet. You also don't want your shoes to fail to support you when on slippery and wet surfaces. Need shoes that support you, keep you pain free, and give you the grip you need

#2 Keep Your Defensive Gear Easy to Access

Wear all defensive gear you are permitted to wear on every shift. Do not leave your defensive gear off because you are in a hurry or you don't think you need it.

Make sure that your defensive gear is easy to access. You want to make sure that you can easily pull out your defensive gear when you need it. Practice pulling your gear out so that it becomes instinctual.

#3 Watch Your Stance

Watch how you stand when you talk to people. Remember that you are on guard duty, not having a friendly conversation. Position your body so that you are safe from the back. For example, you'll want to have a wall behind you, not another group of people that you don't know.

Make sure that you stay far enough back so that the person you are talking to can't reach out and touch you. Give yourself room to watch people's movements. Remember, if you need to make a defensive action, the torso is the primary point of attack.

If you are working a security job, make sure that you put your safety first. Keeping yourself safe will help you protect those on the job who you are meant to protect. Wear shoes that support your feet and give you grip; you don't want your shoes to distract you or keep you from catching someone. Make sure that you always put on your defensive gear, and practice the art of quickly grabbing it. Use a defensive stance in every conversation and always be thinking about how to protect everyone and take down a potential attacker.

Speak with other armed security officers for more help.