Reasons to Hire a Private Investigator

If you are like many people, the term "private investigator" makes you think of hiring a person to spy on a spouse or loved one. While private investigators do perform these kinds of tasks, they also can perform many other services that don't require surveillance of a loved one. Here are a few good reasons to consult with a "private eye."

Process Serving

If you need to have someone served with official documents, often pertaining to a legal situation, it can be difficult if the person is trying to avoid it. A private investigator will research the person to find out where they go at different times of the day — where they work, where they hang out, and who they hang out with. The professional can get the information on the person's vehicle and any other data that can be traced to the person that will help find them. In addition, when the documents are served, you can be sure that they are going to the right person.

Lost Person

There may come a time when you need to find someone. This could be a child who ran away, a biological parent, or an old military friend. A professional will know which databases to search and where to get the information needed to find the person. If the person is an adult and does not want you to know where they are or to contact them, you may want to think twice about doing so. However, you can always let the investigator know why you need to reach the person and have them explain the reason to the person they are finding. This way, if the person decides they do want to meet with you, they can arrange it themselves. 

Background Check

If you need to hire employees, it is often a good idea to have a bit of information about the type of people they are. This can be especially important if the people will be left alone with your money, belongings, or your children. Contacting old employers and other references can be a good start, but when you need to be absolutely certain the person is trustworthy, a private investigator can do a deep background check.

There may be other times when you consider hiring a private investigator. If you have questions about the services that a private investigator can provide, contact an agency in your area.