Roles A Security Guard Plays At A Condominium

Criminals will typically look for easy targets. Condominiums are sometimes targets of criminals who are looking for someone to rob. Even for those who aren't intending to victimize those at your condominium, you may attract unwanted troublemakers. Security guards are a crucial part of preventing this. They are especially important for condominiums in areas that have a reputation for high crime.

Security Guards as a Deterrent

Security guards act as a deterrent against troublemakers. For most security guards, the majority of their job is uneventful. However, the mere presence of a security guard is enough to make a property much safer. When a suspicious person is on your property, all the security guard needs to do is ask for an ID and ask the individual to leave if necessary.

When there is a conflict occurring at your condominium, a security guard is the best person to get to the bottom of the conflict. A security guard is able to provide intimidation, which is necessary to motivate some individuals to leave. Uniformed security guards are typically best for this because they are more associated with police officers. 

Security Guards as Consultants

Speaking of police officers, many security guard services employ off-duty police officers. By having someone on your condominium property who understands law enforcement, you'll have an on-site consultant who can take the steps necessary to make your condo as unattractive to criminals as possible. 

Security Guards and Emergency Services

If your tenants have an emergency situation, you'll have someone who is available at least part of the day to respond. Security guard services can also be available 24/7, so there is someone there when you're not able to be. Many security guard services will provide online reports covering any events that occurred on a given day.

An emergency situation doesn't have to include something criminal. For example, a tenant may need someone trained in CPR or who can call emergency services when the tenant is unable to. When residents know that they'll be safe, they're more willing to rent a condominium. 

Security Guards as Added Surveillance

Security cameras are a good start when providing security, but there are some areas that a security camera cannot capture. Experienced burglars will usually study a property and identify the weak spots to determine what should be targeted. Condominium security guards can patrol areas that are the most vulnerable to an intrusion by a burglar and protect them.